Behind the Numbers: Meet Juelie Sugidono

Want to learn more about the people "Behind the Numbers"? Today we'd like to introduce you to Juelie, from our Customer Service team.

Juelie claims that she "fell" into accounting after graduating as an English major. Beginning her career as an office manager, she learned more skills along the way and began to gravitate toward the financial field. She joined All About Numbers in 2008, and manages our customer service efforts. Her job involves everything from scheduling appointments with clients, to reviewing tax returns, to following up with our preparers to ensure that client's needs are being met. Juelie says she enjoys the fact that her days are "varied and never dull."


When she's not at work, Juelie keeps busy with her "real job": being a mom to her 13-year old daughter who keeps her busy running between soccer, swimming, or drama rehearsals. Juelie loves spending time with her daughter, but when she does manage to get some free time for herself, Juelie returns to her love of literature and enjoys sitting down with a good book. In fact Juelie says that her dream house would include an entire room of nothing but floor to ceiling bookshelves.

While tax returns and financial statements aren't nearly as engaging as a good book, Juelie's engagement with our customers is what makes her job rewarding. "I am a people person," Juelie says. "Seriously, I am. Many people will say they are I but honestly and truly am. I look forward to talking to our clients, answering their questions, and assisting them in any way I can."

Watching Juelie day in and day out, we can testify that that's true, and it's just one of the things that makes her such an essential part of the team here at All About Numbers.