The #StocktonGivesBack Campaign

All About Numbers wants to make Stockton an even better place by encouraging charity donations and matching them. Are the other businesses of Stockton ready to step up and meet the challenge to do the same?

Beginning with the 2016 tax season, All About Numbers invited our clients to join us in supporting the community. Our firm had chosen four non-profit organizations that make a positive impact in the area, each in a different way. We are asking our clients to round up their tax preparation fees to add a few dollars and All About Numbers will then allocate the extra tax deductible dollars to one or more of the following charities. 

These charities include – 

  1. Haven of Peace, a shelter for women and children
  2. YFC Point Break, an intervention and prevention resource for teens and parents
  3. Stockton Impact Corps, and organization supporting very small businesses through education, lending and support
  4. Puentes, a program involving community gardens in impoverished areas to bridge neighbors and provide nutrition

All About Numbers will in turn match up to $2000 in funds raised. Separate receipts for the tax-deductible donations would be issued to the donors. 

The Challenge: Through an our  social media campaign All About Numbers is implementing the hashtag  - #stocktongivesback as an identifier for businesses who choose to launch their own matching program with the simple idea of adding to the fees paid to the business. It is a simple idea that could have a great impact on the population of the Stockton area and we encourage any and all feedback. We would love to see a great response for the benefit of all!

#StocktonGivesBack – Pass the word and let us know if you are participating!