WE LOVE TAXES! Let Us Deduct the Hassle!

The hardest thing in the world to understand is income taxes.

Albert Einstein, as told by Leo Mattersdorf, his tax professional

If Albert Einstein was confused by income taxes and required a tax professional, do you really want to tackle taxes on your own?

Income tax preparation is the cornerstone of our business. We have collectively prepared hundreds of thousands of tax returns. We prepare all kinds of income taxes, covering virtually all IRS forms. We also prepare state tax returns for every state with a filing requirement. We do not believe in just preparing the tax return, we believe in explaining the tax return, in doing tax planning in every tax appointment, and in making sure you are getting the best possible tax return for your situation. Following federal and state tax mandates, we efile all tax returns possible. We prepare the following types of returns:

  • S Corporation returns
  • C Corporation returns
  • Individual returns
  • Partnership returns
  • LLC returns
  • Trust returns
  • Fiduciary returns
  • Estate returns

We file returns for all sorts of businesses. We have several niche markets: Clergy Taxes, Day Care Tax Returns, Owner Operator Tax Returns, and Small Business Tax Returns.

Top 10 reasons why you should choose All About Numbers for your tax preparation:

  1. We Offer Competitive Rates
    We choose to offer low rates with a level of service to encourage our clients to have their returns professionally prepared. We believe in professional preparation not just because it’s our business, but also because we have been called upon to fix MANY MESSES that the Do-it-Yourselfers have created! We have noted the fees charged by other preparers as we prepare returns for new clients. Our research has indicated our fees are less than most of the national chains for similar returns. Our fees are more expensive than self-preparation, though self-preparation does not include year round support, the Triple L Guarantee, nor answers to questions you did not even know you had!
  2. We Prepare Returns Quickly and Accurately
    We prepare returns while you are present whenever possible. Why? So you can be part of the process. While entering your information, we may come across possible credits, deductions, or suggestions for you which will require additional information from you. We also want to educate you about your situation: Adding Sense to Your Dollars! Most people leave the office with completed returns in about an hour.
  3. We want you involved
    We want to educate our clients about current tax laws. By helping you understand your taxes, we can help you better manage your finances. We also work with you to adjust your withholdings so you neither owe nor have a large refund. Why not a large refund? Because a large refund usually means you cheated yourself out of monthly take-home pay in order to give the government an interest free loan.
  4. We are Better than “the Box"
    Software programs ask questions, but if you don’t understand the questions or if you don’t know what the IRS allows, you can miss credits and deductions. Worse, you might think you qualify for something you do not, become the subject of an audit, and have to pay back your refund long after you have already spent it! To add insult to injury, in this case you will have to pay interest and penalties, too!
  5. We Save You Time
    According to the IRS statistics, it takes about 20 hours to prepare a tax return – this includes gathering information, researching tax law, getting forms or software, and actually preparing the return. Though we can’t gather the information for you, we can accomplish the rest of the tasks with you in about an hour. As the saying goes, “time is money!”
  6. We LOVE Taxes!
    Ever notice how you really get to know a lot about the things you love? Well, we love taxes and are passionate about learning all there is to know about them. Our goal is to know the law and apply the law for your benefit so that you have the lowest legal tax liability (our Triple L Guarantee!)
  7. We are Here for You
    We set appointments based on your needs. We have expanded office hours during tax season that include evenings and weekends. We are open year-round and offer free consultations during the year to answer your questions. We want to be available for you so when your situations change, we can be there to help you manage the tax implications.
  8. We Offer a Safety Net
    If we make a mistake, we will pay the interest and penalties associated with any additional taxes. We will also do what is necessary to correct any problems due to any of our errors at no charge to you.
  9. We Offer a Relationship
    Have a tax question in the middle of the summer? Give us a call, we are here to help year round! For established clients, most questions are answered free of charge – just like if you called a friend! What happens if you get a letter from the IRS or FTB? Bring it in and we will evaluate what is required to respond. We will verify it is correct (the government does make mistakes) and tell you what you need to do to respond. We will then tell you what we will charge to do it for you (usually around $85 - $125) if you prefer. Of course, if the response is required due to some error of ours, we will respond at no charge.
  10. We offer the Triple L Guarantee
    What is the Triple L Guarantee? We promise the Lowest Legal Tax Liability or your money back. Why lowest legal liability instead of largest refund? If we did our jobs right, you will have your money in your pocket throughout the year, so you do not have to wait until the following year to get it as a large refund!

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